XRP Set for 20x Surge? Top Analyst Predicts Bull Run

Von | 28. Juli 2023

• Captain Faibik, a crypto analyst, predicts XRP could experience an upswing to between $25 and $30 in the next bull run.
• He encourages investors to stay patient and accumulate assets gradually instead of FOMOing into it.
• Technical analysis tools have picked up green arrows signaling a possible positive shift in XRP’s value.

XRP Price Prediction: Analyst Predicts 20x Rally in Next Bull Run

Bullish Sentiment

Captain Faibik, a staunch Bitcoin enthusiast and respected crypto analyst, shared his bullish sentiment, predicting a significant surge for XRP in the coming market cycle. His forecast indicates that the token could experience an upswing to between $25 and $30. However, the seasoned expert provides critical advice to investors: patience and level-headedness are essential.

Avoiding FOMO

Amid his optimistic outlook, Captain Faibik encourages investors to steer clear of the FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out – that can cloud judgment during these exhilarating times. He emphasizes that we are currently in an accumulation phase; thus it is essential not to get overwhelmed by emotions but rather take things slow and gradual while holding with patience as bull run is just a matter of time.

Technical Analysis

The daily chart of XRP is painting an encouraging picture, suggesting a possible upswing. Technical analysis tools have picked up the presence of green arrows, which traditionally signal a possible positive shift in the asset’s value. These indicators hint at XRP potentially setting foot in bullish territory, hinting at a favorable time ahead for the token.

Vital Price Points

For the XRP token to retain its momentum and sustain a bullish trajectory, there are important resistance levels it needs to break through. These are points where historically strong selling pressure has caused the asset’s price to stall or even reverse; such as at $1.082, $0.96 and $0.8728 areas respectively .


In conclusion , Captain Faibik’s message is clear: A bull run is not an illusion but an imminent reality which requires cautiousness from investors‘ side along with staying patient while accumulating assets gradually . The technical analysis tools indicate that XRP could set foot in bullish territory if it successfully crosses certain resistance levels .