Securities Regulator Reveals Vitalik’s Role in Major ETH Decision

Von | 13. Juni 2023

• Vitalik Buterin was involved in consultations leading to a consequential speech by former SEC director William Hinman.
• Buterin’s involvement is revealed in newly disclosed documents.
• The “Hinman documents” form an important part of the ongoing Ripple-SEC lawsuit.

Newly Revealed Documents

Recently revealed internal communications between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, have uncovered his role in events leading up to a pivotal speech by William Hinman, former SEC director. This discourse led to a watershed moment where Ethereum (ETH) was deemed not to be classified as a “security”, lending it an exceptional legal status.

Buterin’s Influence

The documents indicate that the SEC had some internal opposition against clubbing Ethereum with Bitcoin as examples of digital assets not classified as “security” On June 4th, Hinman circulated a draft of his speech among the SEC’s division heads which included consulting with Buterin later that week to validate their comprehension of the Ethereum Foundation’s functioning – highlighting Buterin’s influence on the outcome of the speech.

The ‚Hinman Documents‘

These internal communications are now known as „Hinman documents“ and form an important part of the ongoing Ripple-SEC lawsuit. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expects these documents when released to provide them with an advantage in their legal defense and believes that what they contain could significantly sway the final outcome of this case.

Implications for Cryptocurrency Space

This high stakes legal battle between two titans could bring about far reaching implications for cryptocurrency space if Ripple is successful in its efforts at defending itself from charges levied by SEC or vice versa depending on how this case plays out given its enormous potential ramifications for cryptocurrency industry at large .


Vitalik Buterin has unexpectedly emerged as a key figure in events leading up to William Hinman’s 2018 pivotal cryptocurrency discourse which led ETH being classified not as security lending it an exceptional legal status also forming an important part of ongoing Ripple-SEC lawsuit whose outcome may have significant implications for entire crypto industry going forward