Donald Trump’s Crypto Portfolio: $250k to $500k in Ethereum Revealed

Von | 12. August 2023

• Donald Trump has revealed that he holds between $250,000 to $500,000 in a cryptocurrency wallet related to Ethereum.
• His foray into the NFT market yielded him with licensing fees of $298,000 through his entity CIC Digital.
• Despite previously expressing his aversion to digital currencies, Trump’s investment and financial gains showcase his willingness to capitalize on an emerging and often controversial market.

Donald Trump’s Crypto Portfolio

Donald Trump recently disclosed that he holds a significant amount of assets in a cryptocurrency wallet intricately connected to his successful non-fungible token (NFT) venture. The former President of the United States has between $250,000 to $500,000 invested in a wallet specifically related to Ethereum.

Trump’s NFT Venture

Trump marketed limited edition cartoon-like trading cards bearing his likeness after leaving office. These cards ranging from hunters’ camouflage to superhero costumes sold out twice and raised more than $8.9 million. In partnership with NFT INC LLC, Trump earned licensing fees of $298,000 through his entity CIC Digital as well as profits from the venture.

Trump’s Take on Cryptocurrency

Despite the success of his crypto portfolio, this newfound embrace of digital assets stands in stark contrast to his previous statements about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Facebook’s virtual currency ambitions which he was not in favor of due to their volatile nature based on thin air and lack of being considered money by him.

The Significance of This Investment

This investment by Donald is significant for two main reasons: firstly it shows that despite being personally against cryptocurrencies he is open minded enough when it comes investing; secondly it showcases how lucrative investments can be made within this space if done properly.


In conclusion, Donald Trump’s foray into the cryptocurrency world has been unexpected but has opened up new opportunities for investors looking into this space for potential returns on investments as well as providing evidence that even those who are not fans of digital assets can still benefit from them financially if done correctly.