Bitcoin Millionaire Review – Is it SCAM?

Bitcoin Millionaire Summary

Before we dive into this Bitcoin Millionaire review this table provides the most important information:

Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC
Claimed Success Rate 82%
Fees and Commissions No cost
Minimum Deposit $250
Mobile App No
Withdrawal Time 24hrs

Bitcoin Millionaire Review

The experts of the crypto industry have advised that both new and existing investors use automated trading platforms for crypto to earn profit on the market. There are a myriad of reasons to recommend this; the most important thing is that using automated crypto trading systems is an efficient method of earning profit from the cryptocurrency market.

This review is an overview of the Bitcoin Millionaire review, it has been written to show the capabilities and benefits of Bitcoin Millionaire and how the cryptocurrency trading platform can be used to earn profit from the cryptocurrency market without any problems. Bitcoin Millionaire has already become very popular with crypto traders that earn money each day from the market. The general perception of Bitcoin Millionaire is positive, however, the team that is in charge in this article has approached it with a neutral viewpoint.

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What is Bitcoin Millionaire?

The name Bitcoin Millionaire represents an automated cryptocurrency trading platform. Bitcoin Millionaire is a platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the market. It’s a unique cryptocurrency trading platform, which experts believe has been created with more simplified features that allow greater numbers of people to take advantage of it to earn money from the cryptocurrency market with ease.

Probable profit for Bitcoin Millionaire

Investors who trade in cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin Millionaire are mostly interested in the profits they earn. That’s why the team conducted study to determine estimates of amount which can be made trading on the platform. The team discovered that trading on Bitcoin Millionaire, using the minimum deposit of $250 could yield profits that can reach $800. This is an estimation of the value of the possible earnings based on the results from an actual Bitcoin Millionaire live trading experience which was conducted during the course of this review.

Users are able to deposit money

The team realized the fact that Bitcoin Millionaire had been designed with features that allow for account holders to deposit funds without worry. Deposit payments are the money used by Bitcoin Millionaire. Bitcoin Millionaire trading robot to buy and sell different cryptocurrency. The data gathered by Bitcoin Millionaire’s official Bitcoin Millionaire trading platform indicates that only those who have an account balance of $250 or more their account balance are able to trade on Bitcoin Millionaire. Every crypto investor has been advised that they are able to withdraw their funds at any time, and it is clear that the money deposited into the Bitcoin Millionaire account remains the ownership of the crypto investor.

Set up an account on a Bitcoin Millionaire account

The team was required to establish a fresh Bitcoin Millionaire’s account. The procedure was accomplished by following the steps outlined on the self-help website. The process starts with downloading the application form, which is filled out and then submitted. The information provided on the application form to create the account of a Bitcoin Millionaire account will be scrutinized correctly and accepted.

1. Create an account for free

You must give your full name and password, email address and the number of your phone.

2. Make a deposit

You are able to choose whether you wish to pay the minimum amount or if you wish to invest a larger amount. Select the payment method you prefer.

3. Trade in the market

Since the dashboard for trading is now available it is possible to check your progress and even withdraw.

How do I deposit money

The deposit for trading is able to be transferred to the Bitcoin Millionaire balance of the account without any hassle since a variety of online payment platforms are accessible on the website. The creators of the official Bitcoin Millionaire website have created a smart online payment system that allows users to transfer the money needed to trade. Users need to select the method of payment to authorize the debit, and then the funds are transfered in just a few seconds.

Live experience of trading

The team experienced an exciting Live trading session. It was found that the trading process using Bitcoin Millionaire is fully automated. The platform for trading is initiated with a single click and the robot manages all transactions related to choosing the most lucrative deals and then completing the transactions to generate profits for the account owner. Live trading on Bitcoin Millionaire is done through an unambiguous process that allowed the team to analyze how the system works.

Pros of trading using Bitcoin Millionaire

Our team had great experience using Bitcoin Millionaire; many other users have reported that they have made so much money using the automated trading platform. The advantages have been highlighted in this Bitcoin Millionaire review, the information can help prospective investors determine whether they should keep their plans to begin trading on Bitcoin Millionaire.

Bitcoin Millionaire is secure

The people who created the platform that auto trades have confirmed that it’s an encrypted trading website. They claim it’s impossible for hackers or hacker to access the Bitcoin Millionaire trading platform without authorization. The platform for trading smart has been protected with the most advanced anti-virus and malware software, as per the analysis made by the group.

Trade with ease using Bitcoin Millionaire

The whole experience of trading with Bitcoin Millionaire revealed that there is no need to have expertise or any manual skills in trading. The only thing a crypto-investor needs to do is to create an account on the platform, deposit money and start the live trading robot that handles all aspects of selling and buying cryptocurrency on the market.

Daily profit guarantee

The BitQS experience in trading proved that it’s possible to make a profit by trading in the crypto market each day when trading using the crypto system that is automated. The team started trading with a capital of $250 and made 926 dollars in profit after closing their live session. This is proof of the fact that Bitcoin Millionaire cryptocurrency trading system is profitable.

24/7 customer support

There is a standard support system that allows customers who trade on Bitcoin Millionaire to get assistance and assistance when they face any problems with the trading platform. It is important to note that the Bitcoin Millionaire customer support platform is accessible 24/7. The choice to offer an online customer support portal is wise because there are many crypto-investors who are using Bitcoin Millionaire from foreign countries According to the information available on the official Bitcoin Millionaire website. So, they can receive assistance regardless of time zones.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pros & Cons


    • Bitcoin Millionaire is designed for all kinds of merchants
    • Transactions are completed faster than market average
    • It is extremely precise.
    • Both manual and automated trading options.
    • Fully customizable settings for trading
    • Software is available for free
    • Simple registration procedure
    • Support for various languages
    • Live Chat Customer Support


  • Options for trading binary options are accompanied by higher risk
  • The minimum amount you can deposit is $250 prior to the time you are able to begin trading.
  • You can’t pick your own broker.

Analyzing the risks of trading

The market for crypto currencies is highly volatile and means it is difficult to predict the trends in the market. Market volatility is just one of the reasons the developers of Crypto Investor inform their customers about the various measures implemented to make the platform profitable.

Bitcoin Millionaire Tips & Tricks

    • Take note of the seed words for the cryptocurrency wallets.
    • What are your realistic expectations of the cryptocurrency that you are making an investment in?
    • Do not attempt to figure out when the price will be at its lowest
    • Do you have money spread across several wallets or in one location?
    • Low-risk investment for the moment

Using stop loss limits

Stop loss limits are included in the cryptocurrency trading platform. Limit settings permit Bitcoin Millionaire Bitcoin Millionaire trading robot to stop trading operations when it is thought that the crypto market may be affected by negative trading. The market analytics software that are available on the platform will detect negative trends in the market prior to the crypto trader suffering losses.

Security for users via access codes

Every crypto trader who uses Bitcoin Millionaire have unique access codes. The management team that oversees the operations that run the business has made it clear that it is crucial to update access codes frequently. These changes are done in just a few moments; changing access codes help prevent hackers from gaining access to the crypto trading account. Bitcoin Millionaire account.

Security patches and regular updates

Bitcoin Millionaire has been identified as one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms that is regularly upgraded. The updates include latest security patches to safeguard all crypto investors who are on the platform.

Bitcoin Millionaire Review – Conclusion

Bitcoin Millionaire works, the trading experience has been rewarding for the team with profits from the website and repaid the money with success. Anyone is welcome to test Bitcoin Millionaire.


Bitcoin Millionaire FAQ

I’m not familiar with digital currencies. Can I use Bitcoin Millionaire?

The bot for trading was designed specifically for people just like you, people who do not have a background in crypto however want to profit from the possibilities that trading in crypto offers.

What can I do to make certain that Bitcoin Millionaire isn’t an untruth?

Do I need to be connected to my computer constantly?

What is the maximum amount I can earn through Bitcoin Millionaire?

How long will it take to sign up?

Does my money seem secured?

How do I withdraw and deposit my cash?

Do I need to pay a percentage of my earnings towards Bitcoin millionaire?

Blockchain proporciona un gran impulso a la velocidad del comercio ferroviario entre China y Europa

Las cargas ferroviarias de China a Europa ahora se pueden entregar en días en lugar de meses, después de que se instaló un nuevo sistema blockchain en un importante puerto ferroviario chino.

La ruta comercial ferroviaria China-Europa ha sido objeto de una importante mejora de velocidad gracias a la aplicación de la tecnología blockchain, informa People’s Daily Online de China

El Puerto Ferroviario Internacional de Chengdu en la provincia de Sichuan fue instalado con la plataforma Sino-Europe Trade Link 2.0 impulsada por blockchain por el Banco Industrial y Comercial de China.

Además de reducir las comprobaciones de documentos logísticos que consumen mucho tiempo, el nuevo sistema permitirá a las empresas de comercio exterior recaudar dinero directamente del banco para acelerar los flujos de efectivo.

Las operaciones en las que la carga se entregaba desde China por ferrocarril solían tardar más de un mes en llegar a sus destinos en Europa. Habría que comprobar la documentación y las cartas de porte en cada paso fronterizo, cuya logística se ve dificultada por las dificultades de traducción y los retrasos burocráticos.

En los primeros tres años y tres meses de su existencia, el servicio de carga China-Europa logró realizar 200 viajes. Desde que se introdujo la tecnología blockchain, se realizó la misma cantidad de viajes en solo dos meses

Un miembro del personal de ICBC dijo a los periodistas que los beneficios del sistema habilitado por blockchain lo convertían en una plataforma confiable para alojar y rastrear datos comerciales.

“Aprovechamos los méritos de blockchain, como su naturaleza a prueba de manipulaciones y marcas de tiempo, para formar datos comerciales confiables. Eso puede mejorar enormemente las capacidades de financiamiento de las pequeñas y medianas empresas de comercio exterior ”, dijeron.

La última década ha visto cambios radicales en la forma en que se ejecuta el comercio global, dijo Chen Ran de la Operación del Puerto Interior Internacional de Chengdu, quien agregó: “En comparación con 2007, ahora contamos con el apoyo de blockchain, Internet de las cosas y big data, que puede ayudar a rastrear la logística y reducir significativamente el riesgo de daños en la carga. Así que hay una mejor protección tanto para los bancos como para los clientes „.

Bitcoin Reclaims $58K als Stimulus passiert, Cardano 4% von ATH

Bitcoin hat erfolgreich die $58K Marke zurückerobert, während Cardano (ADA) etwa 4% unter seinem Allzeithoch gehandelt wird.

Nach ein paar aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen des freien Falles hat Bitcoin über $4.000 an Wert zugelegt und sich sogar wieder $60.000 genähert. Das Altcoin-Feld ist seinem Anführer ebenfalls mit beeindruckenden Gewinnen gefolgt, und die gesamte Marktkapitalisierung hat $1,8 Billionen zurückerobert.

Bitcoin visiert $60.000 an

Seit den bullischen Entwicklungen am Wochenende, als BTC einen Höchststand von $61.800 erreichte, befand sich der Vermögenswert auf einem Abwärtstrend, der zu einem Preisrückgang von fast $9.000 führte. Obwohl er sich am Dienstag relativ schnell vom Tiefpunkt bei $53.200 erholte, konnte Bitcoin Up immer noch keine nennenswerten Gewinne verzeichnen und stand gestern unter $55.000.

Allerdings hat sich die Situation seither etwas dramatisch verändert. Es tauchten Berichte auf, dass Morgan Stanley seinen institutionellen Kunden den Kauf von BTC über drei Fonds ermöglichen wird, und die US-Notenbank deutete an, dass die Zinssätze weiterhin nahe bei Null liegen werden. Inzwischen ist auch das neue Konjunkturpaket beschlossen.

Die primäre Kryptowährung reagierte mit einem beeindruckenden Bein nach oben, das sie mit über $4.000 auf ein Intraday-Hoch von $59.500 trieb.

Obwohl BTC seither leicht auf knapp nördlich von $58.000 zurückgegangen ist, liegt die Kryptowährung auf 24-Stunden-Skala immer noch etwa 4,5 % im Plus.

Altcoins im grünen Bereich; ADA berührt $1.4

Der Altcoin-Markt, der auch unter dem Marktcrash nach dem Wochenende gelitten hat, ist in den letzten 24 Stunden im grünen Bereich. Ethereum führt das Feld an, indem es nach einem Anstieg von 2% $1.800 zurückerobert.

Binance Coin hat 7% an Wert zugelegt und ist wieder über $270 gestiegen. Chainlink ist seit gestern um 6% auf etwa $30 gesprungen, nachdem bekannt wurde, dass der führende Krypto-Asset-Manager Grayscale einen LINK Trust gegründet hat.

Cardano ist weiterhin der beeindruckendste Performer unter den Top Ten mit einem Anstieg von 10% auf 1,4 $. Erst vor ein paar Tagen, Coinbase Pro sagte, dass ADA für den Handel auf seiner Plattform ab heute verfügbar sein wird – 18. März.

Weitere Zuwächse zeigen sich bei Kyber Network (33%), Filecoin (27%), Decentraland (22%), Basic Attention Token (20%), Zilliqa (17%), Chiliz (16%) und Hedera Hashgraph (15%).

Letztlich ist die kumulative Marktkapitalisierung aller Krypto-Assets wieder auf über 1,8 Billionen Dollar gestiegen. Dies bedeutet, dass es um über $150 Milliarden seit dem bedeutendsten Einbruch am Dienstag erweitert hat.

4 scaling solutions that will make Ethereum mainstream in 2021

Ethereum (ETH) can currently only process 15 transactions per second. Although this problem is to be solved by ETH 2.0, experts suspect that it will not be expected until the end of 2022. That is why ETH developers are working on other so-called Layer 2 scaling solutions.

Today we take a look at the four most promising approaches

The scaling of Ethereum is one of the most discussed topics in the crypto space. Since the start of the Ethereum network, developers have been working on possible solutions. Whenever there are periods of heavy network traffic, the scaling debate heats up again. One of these types was the ICO boom and the emergence of the CryptoKitties in 2017. At that time, the hype overloaded the entire ETH network. As in the last few days and weeks, transactions could only be carried out with extremely high fees.

At the moment, the ETH blockchain is being pushed to its limits primarily through decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. But what solutions are there for this problem?

When it comes to scaling blockchain in general, there are basically two options. On the one hand, the scaling of the so-called base layer, i.e. the main chain of a blockchain network, or the scaling of the network by outsourcing part of the transactions to a layer 2.

But what exactly are Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions all about? What different approaches are there and when can an implementation be expected?

4. Channels: Scaling of individual ETH transactions

Channels are one of the first ideas that came up to scale ETH. They are comparable to the Bitcoin Lightning network. Channels allow participants to carry out almost any number of transactions off-chain, while all they have to do is transmit the end result to the main chain. This scaling solution can easily perform several thousand transactions per second.

BTC 2021: The rocket launches into the air era

Do you know that sublime feeling when the sun shines through again after the fog? With the winter solstice and the simultaneous Jupiter / Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020, the energy turns on all levels and a new light begins to shine through. We have finally arrived in the air era – this also applies to Bitcoin.

A guest contribution by Reiner Schmidt:

Today retired, artist and hobby astrologer, the trained banker, old hippie, globetrotter and long-time quality manager would like to take a completely different, unfamiliar look at crypto, Crypto Genius review and the new era.

Saturn (structure, examination) switched to the Aquarius sign on December 17, 2020 (until March 2023) – the sign of spiritual freedom, friendships, companions, networking and new technologies. And Jupiter (expansion) followed on December 19, 2020 (until Dec 29, 2021) also in this sign of air. These two giants formed this gigantic conjunction on December 21, 2020 at 7:20 p.m. CET, which wandered through all media as the poinsettia or star of Bethlehem, which means a seed laying. Not that everything is new right away. But the way for the new is now paved. A fascinating development lies ahead of us, which lifts us out of our conventional thinking to a more comprehensive level of networked togetherness (Aquarius).

The 17th, 19th and 21st December 2020 were all special days in the cosmos on which great frequency changes take place and have found that affect all of humanity. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are used to measure history in astrology. It is the oldest and most reliable method of determining new developments and changes. The conjunction leads directly from the ancient earth epoch to the air epoch. From the materialistic consumer society to an idealistic knowledge society.

The materialistic consumer society

For the past 200 years – since 1802 – we have been in the cycle of the earth element, which is cold and dry. This time coincided pretty much with the Industrial Revolution: there were fights and wars over resources and goods. Property and materialism were the big issues of the time. Many new national borders were redefined and consolidated. Smoking factories, assembly lines and the flow of goods covered the globe. The dogmas of the measurable and possessable took over the rule in the zeitgeist.

The idealistic knowledge society

Since 1980 we have been in a transition phase between earth and air. Globalization – i.e. the spread of people, ideas and cultures – is an expression of this. The foundations for the technology of the air era were laid. This area has been developed rapidly since the 80s: Today we can contact and communicate with anyone at any time, the latest development with 5G is also part of it.

The digitization of our living environment began: computers, smartphones and the internet led us from the clunky, coarse-pixel calculating machines of the late earth era to the subtle clouds, data networks and holograms of the air era. The data networks, in turn, were the basis of blockchain technology, which in turn is the basis for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the past few decades, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media have evolved and changed our communication habits. Only through social media could the idealistic philosophy of the blockchain and bitcoin spread worldwide and a global community could emerge.

Bitcoin and Blockchain – The Technology of the Future

The ibex formed the basis on which the aerial epoch can fly. The digital infrastructure for taking off into the air has been laid in Capricorn in recent years. An example is the Bitcoin horoscope. Bitcoin is a Capricorn with many elements in Aquarius and Pisces, but the fact that Bitcoin can react so flexibly to changes in the market is due to its „source code“ and this is the Capricorn. Bitcoin is the currency of the future because these zodiac signs are the defining ones of the new time. Data is the future, that new gold. That is the motto of the aerial epoch and you can take it literally.

At the first lockdown, still in the earth epoch, gold rose sharply and Bitcoin collapsed with the stock market. Now with the second lockdown in the air epoch, the gold is bobbing and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going through the roof. The rocket has started. That will continue. Blockchain is one of the great basic technologies of the air era. This goes far beyond the speculative, the store of value as with the limited Bitcoin. This is about everything that can coordinate our social life in a decentralized manner. You can see this even more clearly with Ethereum. Here lies a whole universe of social functions that the Ethereum world can offer built around it.

Paso 1 para las empresas: Comprar Bitcoin; Paso 2: Emitir su propio Token – Arca

Después de comprar algo de bitcoin (BTC), las empresas querrán emitir sus propias fichas, y esto puede llegar antes de lo que pensamos, según Jeff Dorman, Director de Inversiones de una empresa estadounidense asesora de inversiones en bloque y centrada en la criptografía, Arca.

„Una vez que las empresas empiecen a comprar bitcoin, es sólo cuestión de tiempo antes de que empiecen a emitir sus propias fichas también“, dijo Dorman en una entrada de blog del 7 de diciembre. „Los activos digitales emitidos por las empresas están demostrando ser la mayor herramienta de formación de capital y de arranque de clientes jamás creada“.

Y estamos más cerca de esta realidad de lo que uno puede pensar, dijo, dando dos de los ejemplos recientes:

  • La presentación de Airbnb para su próxima oferta pública de acciones declaró que el éxito de la empresa también dependerá de su capacidad para adaptarse a las tecnologías emergentes „como la conversión en fichas, las criptodivisas, las nuevas tecnologías de autenticación“, etc;
  • La empresa de capital de riesgo Benchmark, basada en una aplicación comunitaria Supergreat está recompensando a sus revisores pagándoles en „superdivisas“, creando un ciclo de compromiso – pero éstas no pueden ser desplazadas fuera del ecosistema de la aplicación.

Ni Airbnb ni Supergreat no necesitan técnicamente una cadena de bloques para tener sus fichas, pero tener activos digitales en lugar de una moneda que funciona sólo dentro de un ecosistema específico, haría que el activo fuera fungible con otros activos fuera de ese ecosistema, haciéndolos así „más valiosos, más descubribles, y conduciría a un mayor crecimiento“, argumentó Dorman. Añadió que „los puntos de lealtad funcionan. Las fichas de activos digitales líquidos „pass-thru“ que funcionan como puntos de lealtad y cuasicapital funcionan mejor“.

Además de las corporaciones, las dotaciones universitarias ya están invirtiendo en el criptograma número uno del mundo, continuó el CIO, „así que tal vez el primer token de la Universidad está cerca de llegar al mercado también“. Según él, los padres pueden decidir comprar estas monedas para futuros créditos educativos, y estas fichas, si la escuela tiene una gran demanda, podrían entonces ser comercializadas en el mercado abierto si el niño decide no asistir a esa universidad específica.

„Dorman concluyó que „tanto las empresas como las dotaciones son los principales candidatos para dar a los inversores una exposición directa a sus responsabilidades futuras en lugar de verse obligados a invertir en áreas que no entienden o que no les interesan como apoderado“.

El post cita al asesor financiero de Merrill Lynch diciendo a Arca que „así puede ser como la gente piensa en „ahorrar“ para el futuro“. Lo que hacen los asesores financieros „es salvar la brecha entre los activos/flujo de efectivo ahora, a los pasivos futuros (necesidades de vivienda y jubilación), invirtiendo en acciones y renta fija que en teoría deberían subir en un período de tiempo específico“. Pero, ¿qué pasaría si supiéramos el costo exacto ahora para el pasivo futuro? ¿Si la atención médica pudiera pagarse por adelantado en forma de un activo digital, o de vacaciones, o de gastos de vivienda? Esto podría cambiar la fórmula“, se citó al asesor, y Dorman añadió que son precisamente los activos digitales los que están cambiando esta fórmula.

Mientras tanto, algunas empresas ya están completando este primer paso: la compra de bitcoin. Por lo tanto, Dorman tocó el argumento de que „bitcoin puede ser el perfecto activo de tesorería corporativa, por ahora“. Planteó la pregunta de si tiene sentido mantener bitcoin como sustituto del efectivo, afirmando que varias compañías, principalmente Square y Microstrategy „parecen pensarlo“, dadas sus recientes inversiones en BTC. ¿Pero por qué mantener el dinero en efectivo entonces, en particular en esta „reliquia“ que es la actual infraestructura del mercado?

„Cualquier compañía con un enorme cofre de guerra de efectivo está usando ineficientemente ese capital, y está ciertamente preparada para el activismo“, dijo Dorman, pero „Marzo de 2020 [el colapso del mercado] nos enseñó que tal vez mantener un gran fondo para „días lluviosos“ está justificado en lugar de comprar de nuevo las acciones y esperar los rescates del gobierno“.

Tal vez, argumentó, comprar bitcoin en este momento „es realmente la mejor solución a este enigma“, ya que „aumenta la flexibilidad de las transacciones, mantiene el ritmo de la inflación, mantiene a raya a los inversores activistas, y proporciona un colchón en caso de que haya una durante la próxima crisis“, mientras que puede haber algunas „fichas más apropiadas para la gestión de la tesorería en el futuro dependiendo de los objetivos de la empresa“.

En el momento de escribir este artículo (UTC 15:20), el BTC cayó un 2% en un día y en una semana a 18.869 dólares. Se apreció un 24% en un mes y un 151% en un año.

Bitcoin Cash långsiktig prisanalys: 3 december

Ansvarsfriskrivning: Resultaten i följande artikel är författarens enda åsikter och bör inte betraktas som investeringsråd

Bitcoin Cash, liksom EOS, har haft en elak YTD-prestation år 2020. Faktum är att BCH bara ökade med 33% vid presstiden, medan ADA ökade 10 gånger i förhållande till BCH. Med ett presspris på 294 $ verkade BCH visa ett litet löfte som kunde utnyttjas under de kommande veckorna.

Bitcoin Cash, fortfarande i topp 10-rankningen, klarade sig dock bra i prislistorna. Möjligheten för Bitcoin Cash kan potentiellt driva upp till $ 486, och kanske, $ 500, en nivå som inte sett sedan juni 2019.

3-dagars Bitcoin Cash-diagram

Priset på Bitcoin Cash verkade ha bildat ett bågmönster, ett där priset började med att sjunka, slå en botten och sedan sakta höja högre i diagrammen.

Under hela vägen fanns en båge som stödde priset från att gå lägre. Priset har varit i denna formation i nästan 2 år nu. Eftersom detta är ett långsiktigt mönster, kommer det att finnas variationer som stigningen från januari till februari 2020, följt av en fullständig retracement i mars.

För närvarande, med tanke på den pre-bull-marknad vi befinner oss i, verkar det som om priset kommer att hålla sig över denna båge och trycka högre. Därför skulle längtan vara det bästa sättet att gå med BCH.

Logisk grund

Förutom vad som förklarats ovan såg RSI en studs på 50-nivå, vilket är en bra indikator, särskilt med tanke på att diagrammet var för en högre tidsram. Vidare betonade OBV en stark volym som kom för de sista ljusen, en upptäckt som visade att köpare var starka och att prisökningen inte var falsk.

Det finns alltså en chans att priset kan testa nämnda stöd och kanske till och med väga ned kort. Så, ett öga måste hållas utanför för sådana vickor.

Nivåer att se upp för

Baserat på ovannämnda skäl skulle längtan BCH ge en R på 3,58, vilket är en extremt attraktiv handel med tanke på den i sidled rörliga marknaden.

  • Inträde: $ 289,03
  • Stop-Loss: $ 236,48
  • Take-Profit: $ 477,35
  • Risk-till-belöning: 3.58.

CME Group to launch Ether futures in early 2021


  • The CME Group, the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, will launch Ether futures in early 2020.
  • This follows the success of its Bitcoin futures contracts, which are trading with an average daily volume of more than $880 million.
  • This offer will be available to all of CME Group’s institutional investor clients.

The CME Group, a global markets company and the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, announced that it will launch Ether futures contracts (or „futures“) for institutional traders.

This initiative will allow major players to gain exposure to the Ethereum network. Once the exchange has received regulatory approval, it will allow trading of Ethereum’s futures contracts starting in February 2021, only a few months away.

This will be the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group’s second foray into trading cryptomoney futures contracts. This emerging asset class is only a small fraction of its offerings, which generated nearly $5 billion in revenues in 2019.

Most people remember how Bitcoin peaked in 2017, the exact day that GCE’s $BTC futures contracts were launched, and collapsed just afterwards. They forget that the launch of the CME raised the price from $6,000 to $20,000, an increase of 225% in 2.5 months. The launch of the CME futures contract in $ETH is extremely bullish.

Growing involvement in crypto

The CME Group also offers its customers the possibility to trade Bitcoin futures, which have been very popular. Tim McCourt, the company’s global head of equity indices and alternative investment products, explained :

With increased customer demand and the strong growth of our Bitcoin futures and options markets, we believe that the addition of Ether futures will provide our customers with a valuable tool to trade and hedge this growing cryptography.

Since the beginning of the year, the equivalent of 42,800 Bitcoins, with a current value of more than $880 million, are traded on average every day via the group’s Bitcoin futures platform.

Mr. McCourt continued :

Ethereum is the second largest cryptomoney in terms of market capitalization and daily volume. The introduction of Ether-listed futures contracts on our regulated and proven CME Group derivatives market will help to create a forward curve so that Ethereum market participants can better manage price risk.

Important news for Ethereum?

As the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, the addition of CME will likely increase institutional investors‘ exposure to Ethereum.

As its futures business on Bitcoin continues to grow, the CME Group probably hopes that a similar alternative in Ethereum will attract the interest of its customers.

With the upcoming release of CME’s $ETH futures, you can expect that institutions will be able to assume or deepen their ETH exposure.

Some may even choose to opt for staking now, when they can cover their exposure.

The liquidity valves for $ETH are about to open.

The DeFi card

Ethereum is still in its first month of migration from ETH 1.0 to ETH 2.0, and other adoptions seem to be on the horizon.

With the move from proof of work (PoW) to proof of issue (PoS), Ethereum should validate transactions faster and at lower cost. In addition, decentralized finance (DeFi), which is mainly built via applications on the Ethereum blockchain, took off in 2020.

With more than $15 billion of total blocked value (TVL), Ethereum sees a growing number of users flocking to its decentralized applications (dApps). Beyond the technical and fundamental advances, the addition of an institutional-quality solution in the long term augurs well for further growth of the network.

Hva sier BTCD om nok en høysesong?

BTCD er i ferd med å bryte ut fra en langsiktig synkende motstandslinje.

Det handler mellom motstand og støtte på 62 og 67,5%.

Tekniske indikatorer er bullish på alle tidsrammer

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Trust Project er et internasjonalt konsortium av nyhetsorganisasjoner som bygger standarder for åpenhet.

Den Bitcoin dominans Rate (BTCD) er i ferd med å bryte ut fra en langvarig nedstigende motstand linje. Å gjøre det vil sannsynligvis sette en pause i håpet om en annen kommende høysesong.

Tekniske indikatorer er bullish og støtter muligheten for et breakout.

BTCDs langvarige motstand

BTCD handler for øyeblikket over en langsiktig motstandslinje som har vært på plass siden september 2019. Mens prisen har beveget seg over denne linjen flere ganger, har den ikke nådd et nærliggende punkt.

Det er sterk motstand på 67%. En lukking ovenfor vil bekrefte at BTCD har brutt ut og vil fortsette å bevege seg oppover. Motsatt ligger det nærmeste støtteområdet på 62%.

Tekniske indikatorer på den ukentlige tidsrammen er hausse, og støtter muligheten for et utbrudd, spesielt siden Stokastisk oscillator nettopp har gjort et bullish kryss.

Cryptocurrency trader @DTCCryptotrades skisserte et diagram som viser en kanal som tidligere avviste oksene. De sier at det samme vil trolig skje igjen.

Kanalen sammenfaller med motstandslinjen vi har tegnet, og et breakout ovenfor vil definitivt bekrefte at BTCD er på vei oppover.

For å gi en mer nøyaktig prediksjon, er det nødvendig å se på de nedre tidsrammene.

Det daglige diagrammet er tilsvarende bullish. BTCD har gjenvunnet de fleste av tapene som følge av avvisningen av 18. november, og prøver igjen å nå toppene.

Tekniske indikatorer på den daglige tidsrammen er bullish, noe som vil bli bekreftet av et bullish kryss fra Stokastisk oscillator (grønn pil)

Northern Trust lance la plateforme de crypto-garde „ Zodia Custody “

Northern Trust lance une branche de garde cryptographique en collaboration avec Standard Chartered.

Il offrira une variété de solutions de garde aux investisseurs institutionnels.

L’entreprise a actuellement une capitalisation boursière de 19,4 milliards de dollars

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Le Trust Project est un consortium international d’organisations de presse établissant des normes de transparence.

Northern Trust, une société de services financiers publics avec une capitalisation boursière de 19,4 milliards de dollars, lancera une plate-forme conjointe, appelée Zodia Custody, sa première incursion dans la crypto-monnaie.

Ce fut une année énorme pour les institutions qui s’impliquent dans l’espace de la blockchain, avec des entreprises telles que MicroStrategy, Square et Bitcoin Method investissant toutes dans la crypto-monnaie ou offrant des produits basés sur la crypto sur leurs plates-formes.

Nous pouvons maintenant ajouter un autre grand nom à cette liste alors que Northern Trust lance une plate-forme de garde de crypto-monnaie appelée Zodia . Le partenariat est une collaboration avec SC Ventures, l’unité de capital-risque de Standard Chartered.

Dans son annonce officielle, la solution est décrite comme:

«Zodia associe les principes de conservation traditionnels et l’expertise d’une banque à l’agilité d’une société de technologie financière pour fournir une infrastructure qui répond aux normes élevées et aux attentes des investisseurs institutionnels grâce à une plateforme qui s’adapte aux besoins changeants des clients et du marché.»

Zodia offrira la garde de divers actifs numériques, notamment Bitcoin , Ethereum , XRP , Litecoin et Bitcoin Cash . Maxime De Guillebon, PDG de Zodia, a expliqué:

«Zodia a été créé pour répondre au besoin d’un dépositaire de crypto-monnaie qui comprend vraiment la garde. Nous combinons la gestion des risques, la conformité, la gouvernance et l‘ approche de sécurité d’une institution financière réglementée avec l’innovation de pointe des technologies de gestion des actifs cryptographiques et des clés. Ce faisant, nous garantissons l’efficacité opérationnelle et la rapidité des transactions sans compromettre la sécurité ou la fiabilité. »

Plus de légitimation dans l’espace crypto

L’entreprise de Northern Trust ajoute une autre couche de légitimation à l’espace. Beaucoup respectent l’institution de services financiers. La mise en place de sa nouvelle branche de conservation suggère que les organisations financières traditionnelles voient enfin le potentiel perturbateur des crypto-monnaies.

Alors que de plus en plus d’entreprises d’un milliard de dollars entrent dans la classe d’actifs émergente, d’autres institutions sont susceptibles de se sentir plus à l’aise avec l’idée d’investir dans des crypto-monnaies comme Bitcoin .