BTC 2021: The rocket launches into the air era

Von | 1. Januar 2021

Do you know that sublime feeling when the sun shines through again after the fog? With the winter solstice and the simultaneous Jupiter / Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020, the energy turns on all levels and a new light begins to shine through. We have finally arrived in the air era – this also applies to Bitcoin.

A guest contribution by Reiner Schmidt:

Today retired, artist and hobby astrologer, the trained banker, old hippie, globetrotter and long-time quality manager would like to take a completely different, unfamiliar look at crypto, Crypto Genius review and the new era.

Saturn (structure, examination) switched to the Aquarius sign on December 17, 2020 (until March 2023) – the sign of spiritual freedom, friendships, companions, networking and new technologies. And Jupiter (expansion) followed on December 19, 2020 (until Dec 29, 2021) also in this sign of air. These two giants formed this gigantic conjunction on December 21, 2020 at 7:20 p.m. CET, which wandered through all media as the poinsettia or star of Bethlehem, which means a seed laying. Not that everything is new right away. But the way for the new is now paved. A fascinating development lies ahead of us, which lifts us out of our conventional thinking to a more comprehensive level of networked togetherness (Aquarius).

The 17th, 19th and 21st December 2020 were all special days in the cosmos on which great frequency changes take place and have found that affect all of humanity. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are used to measure history in astrology. It is the oldest and most reliable method of determining new developments and changes. The conjunction leads directly from the ancient earth epoch to the air epoch. From the materialistic consumer society to an idealistic knowledge society.

The materialistic consumer society

For the past 200 years – since 1802 – we have been in the cycle of the earth element, which is cold and dry. This time coincided pretty much with the Industrial Revolution: there were fights and wars over resources and goods. Property and materialism were the big issues of the time. Many new national borders were redefined and consolidated. Smoking factories, assembly lines and the flow of goods covered the globe. The dogmas of the measurable and possessable took over the rule in the zeitgeist.

The idealistic knowledge society

Since 1980 we have been in a transition phase between earth and air. Globalization – i.e. the spread of people, ideas and cultures – is an expression of this. The foundations for the technology of the air era were laid. This area has been developed rapidly since the 80s: Today we can contact and communicate with anyone at any time, the latest development with 5G is also part of it.

The digitization of our living environment began: computers, smartphones and the internet led us from the clunky, coarse-pixel calculating machines of the late earth era to the subtle clouds, data networks and holograms of the air era. The data networks, in turn, were the basis of blockchain technology, which in turn is the basis for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the past few decades, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media have evolved and changed our communication habits. Only through social media could the idealistic philosophy of the blockchain and bitcoin spread worldwide and a global community could emerge.

Bitcoin and Blockchain – The Technology of the Future

The ibex formed the basis on which the aerial epoch can fly. The digital infrastructure for taking off into the air has been laid in Capricorn in recent years. An example is the Bitcoin horoscope. Bitcoin is a Capricorn with many elements in Aquarius and Pisces, but the fact that Bitcoin can react so flexibly to changes in the market is due to its „source code“ and this is the Capricorn. Bitcoin is the currency of the future because these zodiac signs are the defining ones of the new time. Data is the future, that new gold. That is the motto of the aerial epoch and you can take it literally.

At the first lockdown, still in the earth epoch, gold rose sharply and Bitcoin collapsed with the stock market. Now with the second lockdown in the air epoch, the gold is bobbing and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going through the roof. The rocket has started. That will continue. Blockchain is one of the great basic technologies of the air era. This goes far beyond the speculative, the store of value as with the limited Bitcoin. This is about everything that can coordinate our social life in a decentralized manner. You can see this even more clearly with Ethereum. Here lies a whole universe of social functions that the Ethereum world can offer built around it.