CME Group to launch Ether futures in early 2021


  • The CME Group, the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, will launch Ether futures in early 2020.
  • This follows the success of its Bitcoin futures contracts, which are trading with an average daily volume of more than $880 million.
  • This offer will be available to all of CME Group’s institutional investor clients.

The CME Group, a global markets company and the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, announced that it will launch Ether futures contracts (or „futures“) for institutional traders.

This initiative will allow major players to gain exposure to the Ethereum network. Once the exchange has received regulatory approval, it will allow trading of Ethereum’s futures contracts starting in February 2021, only a few months away.

This will be the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group’s second foray into trading cryptomoney futures contracts. This emerging asset class is only a small fraction of its offerings, which generated nearly $5 billion in revenues in 2019.

Most people remember how Bitcoin peaked in 2017, the exact day that GCE’s $BTC futures contracts were launched, and collapsed just afterwards. They forget that the launch of the CME raised the price from $6,000 to $20,000, an increase of 225% in 2.5 months. The launch of the CME futures contract in $ETH is extremely bullish.

Growing involvement in crypto

The CME Group also offers its customers the possibility to trade Bitcoin futures, which have been very popular. Tim McCourt, the company’s global head of equity indices and alternative investment products, explained :

With increased customer demand and the strong growth of our Bitcoin futures and options markets, we believe that the addition of Ether futures will provide our customers with a valuable tool to trade and hedge this growing cryptography.

Since the beginning of the year, the equivalent of 42,800 Bitcoins, with a current value of more than $880 million, are traded on average every day via the group’s Bitcoin futures platform.

Mr. McCourt continued :

Ethereum is the second largest cryptomoney in terms of market capitalization and daily volume. The introduction of Ether-listed futures contracts on our regulated and proven CME Group derivatives market will help to create a forward curve so that Ethereum market participants can better manage price risk.

Important news for Ethereum?

As the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, the addition of CME will likely increase institutional investors‘ exposure to Ethereum.

As its futures business on Bitcoin continues to grow, the CME Group probably hopes that a similar alternative in Ethereum will attract the interest of its customers.

With the upcoming release of CME’s $ETH futures, you can expect that institutions will be able to assume or deepen their ETH exposure.

Some may even choose to opt for staking now, when they can cover their exposure.

The liquidity valves for $ETH are about to open.

The DeFi card

Ethereum is still in its first month of migration from ETH 1.0 to ETH 2.0, and other adoptions seem to be on the horizon.

With the move from proof of work (PoW) to proof of issue (PoS), Ethereum should validate transactions faster and at lower cost. In addition, decentralized finance (DeFi), which is mainly built via applications on the Ethereum blockchain, took off in 2020.

With more than $15 billion of total blocked value (TVL), Ethereum sees a growing number of users flocking to its decentralized applications (dApps). Beyond the technical and fundamental advances, the addition of an institutional-quality solution in the long term augurs well for further growth of the network.

Hva sier BTCD om nok en høysesong?

BTCD er i ferd med å bryte ut fra en langsiktig synkende motstandslinje.

Det handler mellom motstand og støtte på 62 og 67,5%.

Tekniske indikatorer er bullish på alle tidsrammer

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Trust Project er et internasjonalt konsortium av nyhetsorganisasjoner som bygger standarder for åpenhet.

Den Bitcoin dominans Rate (BTCD) er i ferd med å bryte ut fra en langvarig nedstigende motstand linje. Å gjøre det vil sannsynligvis sette en pause i håpet om en annen kommende høysesong.

Tekniske indikatorer er bullish og støtter muligheten for et breakout.

BTCDs langvarige motstand

BTCD handler for øyeblikket over en langsiktig motstandslinje som har vært på plass siden september 2019. Mens prisen har beveget seg over denne linjen flere ganger, har den ikke nådd et nærliggende punkt.

Det er sterk motstand på 67%. En lukking ovenfor vil bekrefte at BTCD har brutt ut og vil fortsette å bevege seg oppover. Motsatt ligger det nærmeste støtteområdet på 62%.

Tekniske indikatorer på den ukentlige tidsrammen er hausse, og støtter muligheten for et utbrudd, spesielt siden Stokastisk oscillator nettopp har gjort et bullish kryss.

Cryptocurrency trader @DTCCryptotrades skisserte et diagram som viser en kanal som tidligere avviste oksene. De sier at det samme vil trolig skje igjen.

Kanalen sammenfaller med motstandslinjen vi har tegnet, og et breakout ovenfor vil definitivt bekrefte at BTCD er på vei oppover.

For å gi en mer nøyaktig prediksjon, er det nødvendig å se på de nedre tidsrammene.

Det daglige diagrammet er tilsvarende bullish. BTCD har gjenvunnet de fleste av tapene som følge av avvisningen av 18. november, og prøver igjen å nå toppene.

Tekniske indikatorer på den daglige tidsrammen er bullish, noe som vil bli bekreftet av et bullish kryss fra Stokastisk oscillator (grønn pil)

Northern Trust lance la plateforme de crypto-garde „ Zodia Custody “

Northern Trust lance une branche de garde cryptographique en collaboration avec Standard Chartered.

Il offrira une variété de solutions de garde aux investisseurs institutionnels.

L’entreprise a actuellement une capitalisation boursière de 19,4 milliards de dollars

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Le Trust Project est un consortium international d’organisations de presse établissant des normes de transparence.

Northern Trust, une société de services financiers publics avec une capitalisation boursière de 19,4 milliards de dollars, lancera une plate-forme conjointe, appelée Zodia Custody, sa première incursion dans la crypto-monnaie.

Ce fut une année énorme pour les institutions qui s’impliquent dans l’espace de la blockchain, avec des entreprises telles que MicroStrategy, Square et Bitcoin Method investissant toutes dans la crypto-monnaie ou offrant des produits basés sur la crypto sur leurs plates-formes.

Nous pouvons maintenant ajouter un autre grand nom à cette liste alors que Northern Trust lance une plate-forme de garde de crypto-monnaie appelée Zodia . Le partenariat est une collaboration avec SC Ventures, l’unité de capital-risque de Standard Chartered.

Dans son annonce officielle, la solution est décrite comme:

«Zodia associe les principes de conservation traditionnels et l’expertise d’une banque à l’agilité d’une société de technologie financière pour fournir une infrastructure qui répond aux normes élevées et aux attentes des investisseurs institutionnels grâce à une plateforme qui s’adapte aux besoins changeants des clients et du marché.»

Zodia offrira la garde de divers actifs numériques, notamment Bitcoin , Ethereum , XRP , Litecoin et Bitcoin Cash . Maxime De Guillebon, PDG de Zodia, a expliqué:

«Zodia a été créé pour répondre au besoin d’un dépositaire de crypto-monnaie qui comprend vraiment la garde. Nous combinons la gestion des risques, la conformité, la gouvernance et l‘ approche de sécurité d’une institution financière réglementée avec l’innovation de pointe des technologies de gestion des actifs cryptographiques et des clés. Ce faisant, nous garantissons l’efficacité opérationnelle et la rapidité des transactions sans compromettre la sécurité ou la fiabilité. »

Plus de légitimation dans l’espace crypto

L’entreprise de Northern Trust ajoute une autre couche de légitimation à l’espace. Beaucoup respectent l’institution de services financiers. La mise en place de sa nouvelle branche de conservation suggère que les organisations financières traditionnelles voient enfin le potentiel perturbateur des crypto-monnaies.

Alors que de plus en plus d’entreprises d’un milliard de dollars entrent dans la classe d’actifs émergente, d’autres institutions sont susceptibles de se sentir plus à l’aise avec l’idée d’investir dans des crypto-monnaies comme Bitcoin .

Litecoin falls to the main stand, but bulls are ready for recovery

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Litecoin’s technical staff (LTC) suggests that it can register a large high of $100 if bulls keep above $70

Litecoin’s spot price reflects the rest of the altcoin market, with the LTC trading for about $70 after falling more than 6% in the last 24 hours. Cryptomoeda is also trading almost 18% lower over the past seven days.

At the moment, Litecoin’s bulls are trying to keep the bears away around the critical $70 support level. If they can turn the momentum to their side, the increased buying pressure could bring the price of the LTC up to $80. Above that price level, bulls can target $100.

On the contrary, the continued collapse observed Bitcoin Union over the past two days could cause Litecoin to fall to lows of $65.

Litecoin Price: Technical Perspective
The LTC/USD currency pair recently dropped below 50-SMA ($81.02) and 200-SMA ($75.72) on the 4-hour chart.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows that the cryptomaniac is trending overdrive but with a hidden bullish divergence.
LTC/USD 4-hour chart. Source:TradingView
Although bears appear at the top of the short-term action, the technical perspective suggests that a bullish reversal is the next immediate direction for LTC/USD.

The 4-hour chart above shows that Litecoin is near the tip of a downward wedge pattern. The formation of the pattern indicates that the bulls will likely see a major breakout. If the scenario unfolds as expected, recovery to 200-SMA ($75.72) and 50-SMA ($81.02) could leave the bulls at the psychological level of $100.

On the daily chart, the LTC/USD currency pair is slightly above 50-SMA (69.81), which is critical for bulls to avoid further losses. However, the potential for a big disadvantage is unlikely given the difference to 200-SMA ($54.27). This suggests that bulls tend to absorb the immediate downward pressure and fight the desire of bears.

The possibility of a bullish reversal will increase if a potential buy signal appears in the next trading session. Currently, the daily TD Sequential indicator has printed a red eight candlestick and the appearance of a red nine can signal an influx of bullish pressure.

The bullish action for the LTC bulls will face slight resistance at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level ($75.22). A break above this obstacle would cause bulls to face resistance at the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level ($86.26).

If bulls cannot hold prices above $70, a drop to $65 is likely. As shown on the daily chart, the level may provide a double bottom pattern.

There are more addresses profiting from positions in Ether than addresses profiting from Bitcoin

ETH 2.0 expectations have been heating up the Ether market

There are more addresses profiting from positions in Ether than addresses profiting from Bitcoin

The Ethereum network had an explosive growth throughout 2020, due to the expectation of updating its network, which will happen on December 1st, 2020. The total number of Ethereum addresses with a positive balance increased, reaching the 38.18 million mark, representing 77% of the addresses that have some balance of Ethereum, according to IntoTheBlock data.

The Bitcoin network currently has 30.3 million addresses in profit, which represent 92% of Bitcoin Future platform addresses with any balance. That is, there are 8 million Ethereum addresses in profit more than Bitcoin addresses.

The interesting thing about this data is to observe its context. Bitcoin has gained significant value during 2020 and has debased many macro assets, coming very close to its historical maximum. Ether, however, despite its valuation, is very much its historical maximum.

According to IntoTheBlock, an address with a retention time of more than one year should be considered as a hodler. As can be seen in the graph below, the number of ETH hodlers has increased by over 11.45 million in the last twelve months. Due to the significant increase in asset prices, many investors are already in profit positions.

Cambridge and Oxford teams compete in cryptomorphic algorithmic trading contest

The Hodlers have continuously shown an almost linear growth every month, despite the Ethereum price drop of about 50% in March, the asset recovered, rising more than 300% between the crash and the writing moment of this article. With this new momentum, the number of addresses rose to about 28.41 million, a historical record for this metric, which represents 57.7% of total ETH holders.

Bitcoin price correction may not be over, on-chain analysts warn

Ether’s rally

After peaking at around $620 on Monday, November 22, Ether began to fall on Tuesday night. Although the ETH has experienced a small correction, signs of upward momentum are everywhere. The Ether is being traded at the time of this writing for $505.58.

DeFi Ecosystem Boosting the Hype

The popularity of decentralized finance and the associated tokens that use the Ethereum network, drives the hype around crypto. While the value of many of these individual tokens has fallen from their previous bullish rallies, the total value in dollars blocked in DeFi remains strong, $14.05 billion at the time of this publication.

DeFi has experienced explosive growth over 2020, with the number of users increasing 10 times compared to January this year, according to IntoTheBlock and data confirmed by Alethio.

The amount of Bitcoins blocked in the Ethereum network grows

Since Bitcoin cannot be easily moved between chains, tokenized versions of Bitcoin are available in the Ethereum blockchain. These ERC-20s are indexed 1:1 to the price of Bitcoin and are backed by the equivalent amount of Bitcoin.

Exclusive: Notebooks throughout Brazil now authenticate documents with blockchain

At the moment, 167,25 thousand BTC, which represents 0.9% of the outstanding offer, are tokenized and blocked in DeFi Protocols.

The Decentralized Finance market continues to offer globalized access to financial services such as loans, custody, interest and trading, having grown more than US$ 13 billion in tokens blocked in DeFi protocols.

Synthetic tokens such as the wBTC are already responsible for moving millions in synthetic bitcoin in decentralized exchanges.

La volatilità delle facce Bitcoin aumenta mentre il mercato dei futures mostra i segni del surriscaldamento

Una metrica del mercato dei futures perpetui di bitcoin suggerisce che alcuni trader potrebbero aver avuto un eccesso di leva durante il recente rally a oltre 18.000 dollari.

Il livello medio del „tasso di finanziamento“ nelle principali borse è salito bruscamente dallo 0,023% ad un massimo di cinque mesi dello 0,087% nelle ultime 48 ore, secondo la fonte dei dati Glassnode.

„L’aumento dei tassi di finanziamento è stato associato in passato a una porzione più ampia del mercato che utilizza la leva finanziaria tramite perpetuals“, ha detto Matthew Dibb, CEO di Stack Funds, a CoinDesk. „Se vediamo continuare l’overleveraging nel mercato dei derivati, il bitcoin (BTC, +4,61%) sarà sempre più volatile nel breve termine“.

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Calcolato ogni otto ore, il tasso di finanziamento in vigore riflette il costo del mantenimento di posizioni lunghe. Il metrico viene utilizzato dalle borse che offrono contratti perpetui (contratti futures senza scadenza) come meccanismo per bilanciare il mercato e guidare i prezzi perpetui verso il prezzo spot.

Il tasso di finanziamento è positivo (o long pay short) quando i perpetuals negoziano a premio sul prezzo a pronti. Come tale, un tasso di finanziamento molto alto è ampiamente considerato un segno di leva finanziaria eccessivamente inclinata verso il lato rialzista, o condizioni di ipercomprato, come notato su Twitter dall’analista di mercato Joseph Young.

In tali situazioni, un pull back o un consolidamento può innescare uno srotolamento dei long term, portando a un calo più profondo e a una ripresa della volatilità dei prezzi. „L’alto tasso di finanziamento può causare una sorta di ’scossa‘ dovuta all’aumento delle liquidazioni dei margini“, ha detto Dibb. Tenere i long long a costi elevati è interessante solo se un’encierro continua senza pause.

I dati storici convalidano l’analisi di mercato di Dibb.

Il 17 agosto il rally di Bitcoin, a partire dai minimi di luglio, si è concluso il 17 agosto, quando il tasso medio di finanziamento è passato dallo 0,008% allo 0,078%. La criptovaluta è scesa a 10.000 dollari all’inizio di settembre.

Allo stesso modo, il rally di recupero dai minimi di marzo al di sotto dei 4.000 dollari si è esaurito quasi a 10.000 dollari all’inizio di giugno, con un aumento improvviso del tasso di finanziamento allo 0,123%.

Mentre il tasso di finanziamento è salito nelle ultime 48 ore, è ancora inferiore al picco di giugno.

Inoltre, il rialzo potrebbe essere stato in parte alimentato da fornitori di liquidità che coprono le posizioni di vendita sul mercato a pronti acquistando posizioni lunghe nei future/perpetui, secondo Patrick Heusser, senior cryptocurrency trader presso la Crypto Broker AG di Zurigo. In altre parole, l’ultimo aumento dei tassi di finanziamento potrebbe non essere interamente guidato dal retail.

Tuttavia, l’aumento del metrico invita alla cautela da parte dei tori, in quanto rappresenta condizioni di eccesso di leva finanziaria o di ipercomprato. „E‘ una prima indicazione del fatto che i trader che utilizzano la leva finanziaria stanno iniziando a sparare sopra il bersaglio“, ha detto Heusser a CoinDesk.

La volatilità implicita di Bitcoin è già in aumento con il misuratore di un mese attualmente in bilico al 77%, il livello più alto dall’8 luglio, secondo la fonte dei dati Skew. Ciò significa che il mercato delle opzioni sta valutando un aumento della volatilità nelle prossime quattro settimane e si sta preparando per una temporanea interruzione del ripido rally.

Il top della criptocurrency per valore di mercato è attualmente scambiato vicino a $ 18.650, dopo aver testato la domanda di dip con un calo a livelli inferiori a $ 18.000 durante il fine settimana.

L’élection américaine fait des ravages sur les marchés

L’élection américaine fait des ravages sur les marchés de bitcoin et de cryptoprévision sur l’avance de Biden

Les opérateurs sur le marché de la cryptographie parient de plus en plus sur le résultat des élections américaines contestées. Jusqu’à présent, la majorité des paris sont sur Joe Biden, le candidat démocrate. Les bitcoins s’envolent sur le résultat prévu, alors qu’un balayage bleu profite à la cryptocouronne dominante.

Les cotes des paris sur les marchés des prévisions cryptographiques, principalement augurales, sont pour la plupart conformes aux plateformes a Bitcoin Evolution traditionnelles. Selon The Guardian, l’intérêt ouvert pour l’élection présidentielle américaine a dépassé le milliard de dollars. Biden est le favori des marchés de paris traditionnels et cryptographiques.

Sur les marchés traditionnels, Biden reste le grand favori pour gagner l’élection. Matthew Shaddick, le responsable des paris politiques du Ladbrokes Coral Group, a écrit

„La Floride est un pays où les sondages suggèrent que Biden est le gagnant le plus probable, mais les marchés [de paris] ont Trump comme favori. Le GOP a eu tendance à surperformer les sondages assez régulièrement dans cet État“.

De nombreuses personnes dans la sphère crypto parient sur l’élection

L’intérêt ouvert du marché des prévisions cryptographiques d’environ 10 millions de dollars représente près de 1 % de l’intérêt ouvert mondial des marchés de paris électoraux américains. En comparaison, le nombre de personnes qui parient sur les élections dans la sphère de la cryptographie est relativement élevé.

L’intérêt pour l’élection est partout élevé, comme le montre la volatilité du marché de la cryptographie. Selon le co-créateur d’Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, les marchés des pronostics sont un espace de niche car ils sont difficiles d’accès pour les experts en statistiques et les fonds spéculatifs. Buterin a déclaré :

„Les marchés de prédiction sont difficiles d’accès pour les experts en statistiques/politiques, ils sont trop petits pour que les fonds spéculatifs puissent engager ces experts, et les personnes (surtout les riches) qui ont le plus accès aux GP sont plus optimistes quant à l’atout.

En tant que tel, le marché des prévisions cryptographiques qui garantit un intérêt ouvert élevé pour l’élection est relativement important.

Le prix de Bitcoin témoigne également de la forte attente à l’égard des élections américaines. Le prix de la BTC a augmenté d’environ 3 % au cours des deux dernières heures, alors que l’élection commençait à s’échauffer.

L’élan de Bitcoin pourrait venir de l’analyse selon laquelle un anéantissement du parti démocrate pourrait alimenter la CTB.

La campagne présidentielle de M. Biden a mis en place deux stratégies clés qui pourraient potentiellement paralyser le marché boursier à court terme. Premièrement, les investisseurs s’attendent à une réglementation accrue de la part de l’administration Biden. Deuxièmement, Biden devrait augmenter les impôts, en particulier sur les riches, ce qui pourrait secouer les marchés.

Bitcoin profite de cette incertitude sur le marché boursier américain car elle est perçue comme une réserve de valeur alternative. Avec l’or, Bitcoin s’est imposé comme une forte source d’inflation, dont une partie constitue un refuge contre les événements macroéconomiques majeurs.

MicroStrategy CEO heeft zojuist Bitcoin Cash vernietigd met één tweet

Michael Saylor, CEO van MicroStrategy, heeft een beknopt antwoord voor alle Bitcoin-nee-zeggers die blijven najagen dat de beste cryptocurrency als betaalmiddel gefaald heeft – het kan niemand iets schelen.

Hij is ervan overtuigd dat BTC niet eens hoeft te voldoen aan de definitie van ruilmiddel.

Waarom Bitcoin als betaalmiddel faalde

Het is bijna 12 jaar geleden sinds de start van Bitcoin, maar betalingen blijven een marginale niche binnen de branche, ondanks dat ze aanvankelijk werden gezien als de kernfunctie van crypto.

Bitcoin verbleekt in vergelijking met oudere betalingssystemen zoals Visa vanwege schaalproblemen. Het is handig om miljoenen of zelfs miljarden munten tussen verschillende portefeuilles te schudden tegen verwaarloosbare kosten, maar langzame en dure transacties maken de beste cryptocurrency onbruikbaar voor microbetalingen.

Zoals gemeld door U.Today , merkte gouverneur van de Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, ook op dat de vluchtigheid van Bitcoin het onbruikbaar maakt voor betalingen in zijn toespraak over stablecoins eerder deze maand:

Hun waarde kan nogal wild fluctueren, niet verrassend. Ze lijken me ongeschikt voor de betalingswereld, waar zekerheid van waarde ertoe doet

Bitcoin Cash, de harde vork van Bitcoin die de blokgrootte verhoogde van 1 MB naar 8 MB voor blockchain-schaalbaarheid, wordt actief op de markt gebracht als P2P digitaal contant geld door zijn fervente voorstander Roger Ver. De prestaties waren de afgelopen jaren echter ronduit rampzalig, waarbij routinematig nieuwe dieptepunten ten opzichte van Bitcoin werden bijgewerkt.

Bitcoin (BTC) steht in umgekehrter Korrelation zum USD

Bitcoin (BTC) steht in umgekehrter Korrelation zum USD, keine Korrelation mit Aktien: Max Keiser

Der Bitcoin-Maximalist Max Keiser hat einen Tweet über eine angebliche Korrelation zwischen BTC und dem Aktienmarkt kommentiert und gesagt, dass es in Wirklichkeit keine solche Korrelation gibt

  • „Bitcoin ist invers zum USD korreliert“
  • Die Knappheit von Bitcoin im Vergleich zum Potenzial der Fed für unendlichen USD-Druck

Bitcoin zieht sich in die 10.400-Dollar-Zone zurück

Bitcoin ist nicht mit dem Aktienmarkt korreliert, erklärte der prominente Bitcoin-Befürworter Max Keiser in einer Antwort auf einen Twitter-Benutzer, der erklärte, dass das Flaggschiff der Krypto-Währung bei Bitcoin Code wahrscheinlich zusammenbrechen wird, wenn der Aktienmarkt abstürzt.

Keiser ist der Ansicht, dass Bitcoin, wenn es eine Korrelation mit traditionellen Vermögenswerten gibt, dann mit dem USD, und die Korrelation ist invers.

„Bitcoin ist invers mit dem USD korreliert“.

Max Keiser antwortete auf einen Tweet eines anonymen Benutzers, der behauptete, dass Bitcoin beim nächsten Börsensturz untergehen würde. Die Person gab an, dass Bitcoin nicht mehr „unter der Fuchtel der Banken“ stehen müsse.

In seinem Kommentar dazu wies Keiser darauf hin, dass das Einzige, mit dem Bitcoin korreliert sei, der USD in umgekehrter Weise sei, wie auch Gold.

Der Bitcoin-Befürworter rief die Gemeinschaft und den Tweet-Autor dazu auf, sich nicht von der Zufälligkeit täuschen zu lassen.

Die Knappheit von Bitcoin im Vergleich zum Potenzial der Fed für unendlichen USD-Druck

Das wichtigste Alleinstellungsmerkmal von Bitcoin im Vergleich zu USD und Gold ist seine fixe Knappheit – insgesamt 21 Mio. BTC-Vorräte, wie viele Kryptoeinflussreiche in letzter Zeit auf Twitter betont haben.

Aufgrund des häufigen USD-Drucks, der dieses Jahr von der Fed initiiert wurde, haben viele Bitcoin-Follower erwartet, dass das Flaggschiff Krypto in die Höhe schießt. Neue Dollar wurden ohne jeden Wert in die Wirtschaft gesteckt, was eine zukünftige Hyperinflation zur Folge hatte.

Der massive Zufluss von neu gedruckten USD scheint jedoch noch keine Auswirkungen auf Bitcoin laut Bitcoin Code gehabt zu haben.

Der verwandte Milliardär Mark Cuban, CEO von Uber und „Iron Man“ investiert 3 Mio. USD in die neue Toilettenpapiermarke, hier ist der Grund

Bitcoin zieht sich in die 10.400-Dollar-Zone zurück

Letzte Woche, am 19. September, überwand Bitcoin die Widerstandsmarke von 11.000 $. Es kehrte sich jedoch schnell um und fiel zunächst auf 10.627 $ und dann auf 10.411 $.

Die wichtigste Krypto-Währung bewegte sich jetzt in einer Spanne und handelte zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung bei 10.470 $.

Prós e contras de investir em IRAs Bitcoin

Assim como todo investimento em IRAs Bitcoin tem suas vantagens e desvantagens. Por um lado, o BTC é conhecido por ser volátil, mas, por outro lado, é suposto que cresça no futuro.

Antes de falarmos dos prós e contras de investir o Bitcoin Profit (BTC) como IRAs, vamos falar sobre o que são IRAs. Estas contas especiais para o IRS ou Receita Federal são desenvolvidas para moedas criptográficas. Quando investidores estão falando de IRAs em Bitcoin, eles estão se referindo ao IRA que consistirá de Bitcoins ou outras moedas criptográficas.

A Receita Federal considera as Bitcoins como moeda desde 2014 e, portanto, elas têm sido tributadas de forma semelhante aos títulos e ações. Aqueles que estão procurando investir BTC em seus IRAs terão que fazê-lo com a ajuda de custodiantes.

Uma questão comum que cada vez mais investidores enfrentam é a dificuldade em encontrar um custodiante que permita o investimento da Bitcoin para os IRAs. No entanto, há boas notícias para as pessoas que estão determinadas a fazer investimentos desta forma. Os SDIRAs ou IRAs autodirigidos, permitem que esses indivíduos adicionem uma variedade de ativos, incluindo moedas criptográficas.

Os custodiantes e outras organizações que incluem Bitcoin em seus IRAs se tornaram muito populares nos últimos dias. As empresas e os primeiros iniciantes deste setor que o ajudarão a fazer este tipo de investimento são Equity, BitIRA, Bitcoin IRA, e Trust.

Agora que você entendeu como incluir a Bitcoin em seu IRA, deixe-nos falar sobre os prós e contras deste tipo de investimento.

Os prós e os contras de investir em IRAs Bitcoin

Assim como qualquer outro investimento, há prós e contras deste investimento também. Há uma chance de que não acabe sendo uma decisão muito boa, pois o valor do Bitcoin é volátil por natureza. Portanto, ninguém pode garantir o quanto você pode tirar dele depois de 10 ou 20 anos. Entretanto, muitas empresas permitem que você faça isso, e os preços devem aumentar; portanto, pode ser um risco que vale a pena correr. Vamos descobrir os prós e os contras de investir em Bitcoins.

Prós e contras de investir em Bitcoins

Pode haver diversificação adicional em seu perfil se você decidir investir em Bitcoin para seus IRAs. Isso também ajudará quando o mercado enfrentar uma retração ou outras situações turbulentas no futuro.

As Bitcoins devem aumentar em valor no futuro, e as perspectivas a longo prazo são as melhores para o investimento em IRA. Isto ajudará ainda mais o ativo a ser retido, mesmo por décadas.
Aqueles que investem em Bitcoin podem evitar os pesados impostos sobre ganhos de capital que são incluídos pelas moedas criptográficas em alguns tipos de contas de aposentadoria. Mas também haverá outras taxas a serem consideradas.

Condes de investir em moedas Bitcoin

Sendo volátil por natureza, Bitcoin tem experimentado muitos altos e baixos ao longo dos anos. Portanto, este pode ser um investimento arriscado.
Os pensadores negativos diriam que a propaganda sobre a Bitcoin é, na maioria das vezes, exagerada e pode cair a qualquer momento no futuro.
Nenhuma das moedas „fiat“ sustentam a Bitcoin e esta continua sendo um ativo difícil de ser comercializado em todo o mundo.
As taxas do IRA tornam mais difícil para a Bitcoin, assim como as taxas comerciais das bolsas. Apesar de parecer uma transação tranqüila, você pode enfrentar problemas de credibilidade por este motivo.


Bitcoin está de acordo com elementos como custódia e segurança, o que acrescenta outra taxa ao valor que você paga. Ao mesmo tempo, as empresas que oferecem descontos para aqueles que estão utilizando seus serviços. BitIRA e Bitcoin IRA estão dando descontos a seus clientes por promoverem seus serviços. Entretanto, quando você pensa em investir em um mercado volátil, você está fazendo isso por sua própria conta e risco.

Se você estiver absolutamente certo e tiver a fé para levar isto adiante, você deve começar a investir na Bitcoin agora. Visite Immediate Edge para começar a negociar. Mesmo que você não acabe investindo Bitcoins em seus IRAs, você pode ao menos usá-lo para facilitar o pagamento.

Existem outros benefícios das Bitcoins também; elas podem ser usadas eficientemente quando você sentir a necessidade de conservar sua moeda fiat. Se o governo se revelar defeituoso ou corrupto em alguns lugares, seu BTC também estará bem. Para garantir a compra de seus futuros cidadãos, as Bitcoins e/ou outras moedas criptográficas são ótimas para sobreviver à economia brutal.